Sooner or later, lack of exercise will always lead to considerable mobility restrictions.  Muscles and tendons shorten and joints become stiff. Often, mobility will also be limited by symptoms such as paralysis, increased muscle tone, spasticity, and arthritis if you fail to exercise.


Systematic and regular exercise is important for an independent lifestyle. If you lack this kind of mobility, you will find everyday activities such as getting dressed, washing, household chores or driving difficult. Limited mobility always means loss of independence.

Daily exercise with a THERA-Trainer can maintain or even improve your physical mobility. Many of your muscles, tendons and ligaments are stretched and contracted during training. The flow of blood to your brain will also improve – with positive effects on your »mental agility«.

Our recommendation

THERA-Trainer tigo

The THERA-Trainer tigo gets you moving: you can train passively with motor assistance or actively (using your own muscle power) to maintain or even increase your mobility.

THERA-Trainer balo

The THERA-Trainer balo makes dynamic standing possible. Maintain your mobility by training your balance, muscles and tendons in a fall-proof environment.

THERA-Trainer mobi

For daily use at home or when on the move: the THERA-Trainer mobi is a lightweight, compact and high-quality leg and upper body trainer for walkers with minor mobility restrictions.