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Circulation problems can occur if there is a sudden temporary drop in the supply of blood to the brain. In general, the heart and blood vessels adjust their output to the needs of your body. But if important control mechanisms are not working properly, our circulation is unable to respond quickly enough to physical demands. In the case of chronic illnesses such as diabetes or Parkinson’s disease, circulation problems are often the result of nerve damage. Although the circulation responds to physical demand, it does not do so quickly enough. The problem here is lack of training because the physical demands in everyday life are limited. 

Circulation & getting the metabolism going

Regular exercise activates every function in the body. All of the cells in your body are supplied with fresh blood and oxygen, and your digestion and bladder are greatly stimulated. The risk of high blood pressure is reduced in a naturally-occurring way. If you have cold legs or oedema (fluid in the legs), start exercising regularly – you’ll notice a considerable improvement. Intense exercise is also a major boost to the immune system. Active circulation training can help improve the quality of sleep. Likewise, intense exercise can lower cholesterol levels. For diabetes and dialysis patients, doctors urgently recommend daily physical exercise. Regular exercise stabilises the circulation and enables it to respond more quickly to physical stress. 

Exercising with a THERA-Trainer not only stimulates the circulation and metabolism, it offers many other health benefits too.

Our recommendation

THERA-Trainer tigo

Regular training with the THERA-Trainer tigo stimulates the metabolism, which in turn has many benefits in terms of promoting health and stabilising the circulation.

THERA-Trainer balo

Wheelchair users or bedridden patients will especially benefit from regular dynamic standing in a completely fall-proof environment.

THERA-Trainer mobi

For daily use at home or when on the move: the THERA-Trainer mobi is a lightweight, compact and high-quality leg and upper body trainer for walkers with minor mobility restrictions.