Exercise muscular strength

A »healthy person« has more than 650 muscles in their body. The most important one is the heart. Muscles are not just needed so we can move, carry or support things: eating, breathing, speaking and laughing would also be impossible without them.

A basic requirement for nearly all your everyday activities is sufficient muscle power – whether you are using walking aids or not. Effective, comprehensive training should therefore try to strengthen as many muscles as possible at the same time. When you exercise with THERA-Trainers, you activate a large part of your muscles at the same time


Reduced muscle power means less independence: Experience shows that reduced muscle power leads to increased reliance on outside assistance. Weak or inadequate muscles often lead to poor posture and pain. Targeted daily exercise with THERA-Trainer can maintain and strengthen even very weak muscles. This will prevent complications and ensure greater independence.

THERA-Trainers from our Cycling line can be used to exercise passively using the motor in order to relax your muscles. However, your results will be much better if you exercise actively and only use the motor as support. 

Train your muscle power to suit your requirements with the aim of living an independent and active life!

Our recommendation

THERA-Trainer tigo

With the THERA-Trainer tigo you can exercise your legs and arms independently to promote long-term muscle growth with regular training. It's easy!

THERA-Trainer mobi

For daily use at home or when on the move: the THERA-Trainer mobi is a lightweight, compact and high-quality leg and upper body trainer for walkers with minor mobility restrictions. 

THERA-Trainer balo

The THERA-Trainer balo enables active exercise in a standing position in a safe environment. Improve muscle power in legs and trunk without the risk of falling.