THERA-Trainer e-go

Starting with first walking attempts up to endurance gait training, THERA-Trainer e-go is a therapy device which is used for learning to walk and for mobilisation. Weak, fall-prone or partially paralyzed persons are able to train walking dynamically in a safe training position. 

Special product features:

  • Walking takes practice: With the THERA-Trainer e-go effected persons and patients walk over the ground (floor) in a secure environment.
  • Variable therapy goals: THERA-Trainer e-go is the ideal training partner for improving gait quality and walking safety as well as for increasing walking speed and distance.
  • High safety: Allows "real" walking in a fall-protected environment.
  • Easily sanitizable: Smooth surfaces enable a thorough wipe disinfection.
  • Adjustable without tools: Easily and individually adjustable to every user.

Tip for facilities

This THERA-Trainer can be part of your THERA-Trainer Complete Solution.

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THERA-Trainer e-go

THERA-Trainer e-go 526 The innovation in gait training