THERA-Trainer e-go 526

Art.-Nr.: A001-478
      • Basis-Einheit THERA-Trainer e-go
        • Metallrahmen
        • Stabiler Metallrohr-Rahmen mit 30 x 110 mm Rechteckrohr
        • Abmessung ohne Antrieb/Antriebsräder 1.330 mm x 840 mm
        • Abmessung inkl. Antrieb/Antriebsräder 1.330 mm x 912 mm
        • Lenk-Brems-Rollen
        • Vier blockierbare Doppellenkrollen mit Durchmesser 100 mm
        • Pulverbeschichtung
        • Umweltfreundliche Pulverbeschichtung in taubenblau
      • Drive unit
        • two drive units with one 100 Watt electric motor each
        • extremely powerful, durable, robust and very quiet
        • drive units are secured against dirt with plastic covers
        • electric motors and wheels are connected with a stable drive block made of aluminium to one drive unit
        • the drive unit can be folded up or taken off during transport
        • two drive wheels with approx. 255 mm diameter
        • drive wheels with low-wear solid rubber wheels
        • fittet with two 12 Volt batteries 
        • loading capacity lasts for up to 8 training hours
        • loading time ca. 8 hours
        • incl. battery charger with 230 V power connection
        • 6 months guarantee
        • electronic control is secured against dirt and being hit under a plastic cover
        • in case of service the electronic control can be exchanged completely (secured in a metal box)
      • Balance unit THERA-Trainer e-go with release unit
        • for users with 150 - 200 cm height and max.140 kg body weight
        • spring resistance can be adjusted in steps without help of tools
        • releasing/blocking the balance function with help of a release lever
      • Pelvic safety belt
        • stable pelvic belt available in different sizes
        • two cushioned leg straps for additionally securing against falling
        • two belt buckles for fastening to the frame
        • two "belt harnesses" for easy attachment of the pelvic safety belt
        • stomach cushion is fast adjustable in distance without tools
      • Arm support cushion (Gait)
        • flexible cushion with ball charge for soft support of the paretic arm
        • can be fixed individually on the table respecitively on the upper pipe frame
      • Handrails & Upper pipe frame
        • handrails as a support during transfer into the exerciser and for additional safety of the user
        • two stay tubes that are variably adjustable in distance to the pelvis width of the user
        • incl. three belt buckles for attachment of the pelvic safety belts
        • height adjustment supported by gas spring
        • right and left side can individually be adjusted in height
        • pipes made of stainless steel with laser marking for height adjustment
      • Control and display unit with 2,7" colour screen (Gait)
        • remote control incl. helix cable connection (max. 145 cm long) 
        • colour screen with a screen size of 51 x 40 mm 
        • screen diagonal: 6,8 cm 
        • easiest handling and setting of the most important training parameters e. g. speed, control of direction,...
      • Holder for control and display unit (Gait)
        • flexible adjustable holder
  • Dimensions (L/W/H)

    134 / 84 - 91 / 98 - 137 cm


    approx. 111 kg



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